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All gas appliances in a tenanted property must be checked for gas safety every 12 months or when a new tenant moves in. This is the Law in the UK. We will:

We will carry out the required safety checks on all the gas appliances and issue you with a Landlord Gas Safety Record Form/certificate which must be given to the tenant in the property and especially to new tenants before they are about to occupy any premises. This is not a pass or fail certificate but one that informs you of the state of the gas appliances and pipework. With your permission, we will then undertake any remedial work necessary to bring the property into compliance with current Gas Safety legislation and supply you with a Certificate when the work is completed.


About Gas Safety Responsibilities

Landlords have a legal responsibility when it comes to gas safety. They must have chimneys and flues checked for safety by a Gas Safe registered engineer, and these and other responsibilities are laid out in the relevant gas safety legislation.

There are three specific duties landlords must undertake:

  1. An annual gas safety check, performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer
  2. A record of the annual gas safety check must be provided to an existing tenant within 28 days fo the check being completed, or to new tenants before they move in. The landlord must keep the certificate for 2 years.
  3. The landlord must ensure gas pipework is maintained in a safe condition, along with appliances and flues. All regular servicing must be correctly undertaken, so the landlord should have a regular maintenance contract with a Gas Safe registered engineer. There are no obligations for a landlord to have checks done on appliances owned by a tenant.

For more information on these requirements, please visit the Gas Safe Register web site.


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